Are you jumping out of bed every morning going to a job you love?

Are you living a life that lights you on fire KNOWING that you have found your true calling?

Do you dream of a big promotion or starting your own business where you aren’t working for “The Man” anymore because you are “The Man“!  Oh, wait….  “The Wo-Man“!

Do you just KNOW that you were BORN to be a successful, confident, sexy-as-hell Lady Boss, ready to conquer the world?

Do you dream of leading a team with confidence, speaking to groups and being recognized as a leader in your field?

Do you dream of traveling to far-away, exotic beaches?  Meeting other inspiring women and having the adventure of a lifetime?

It is possible and that’s what I would love to help you with! 

“I’m absolutely passionate about you getting everything you want out of life, because you DESERVE It, Baby Doll!

This is my Crazy Cool Container where I share my experiences as an empty-nester mom to an awesome college kid, a divorced & dating again 40+ Blonde Busy Babe and a Hustlin’ Hussy of an Entrepreneur balancing entrepreneurship with a demanding day job!

Check out the different ways you can work with me and the services I offer.

“Whether you are looking for positive, tough lovable strategies & accountability to make your DREAMS COME TO LIFE or some good ole Southern charm, welcome to my world!  I’m so glad you stopped by!”

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(Okay, maybe not.  I’m not a miracle worker!)