Are you…

A busy working babe who is balancing a million balls in the air at one time?

Feeling like you never have time for yourself and what YOU want?

Starting to feel that ache inside you telling you that you were meant for MORE?

A Busy Babe who is proud of what you have accomplished so far but you know THERE IS SO MUCH MORE LEFT TO DO!

Do you…

  • Want to ACHIEVE GREAT THINGS with Less Struggle and More Joy! More Adventure and Lots More Giving Back and Helping People with All You Have to Offer?
  • Dream of a life of ease and peace where what you do every day is in total ALIGNMENT with how you want to feel?
  • KNOW DEEP IN YOUR BONES that THIS frazzled, crazy, BURN YOURSELF THE HELL OUT lifestyle you are living is seriously not good for your health?

Are you starting to feel the effects of working like a dog doing something that feels totally OUT OF ALIGNMENT with your TRUE PURPOSE?

And have you even had a second to yourself to think about WHAT YOUR TRUE PURPOSE REALLY IS??????

And if you do have an INKLING of what it is, have you had time to think about it, plan for it, and (gasp!) START PURSUING IT?!?!?

You know you were meant for more, and that one week a year when you go to the beach on vacation, you sit in that lounge chair under that umbrella with a fruity drink in your hand and you DREAM about someday!

You’ll write a book!  You’ll start your own business!  You’ll get fit and healthy and climb amazing mountains with your gorgeous SOULMATE!

Or have the energy to play with the kids or your fur-babies, AND this is MY PERSONAL FAVORITE, Travel the World!!!!!!

I want to see you shine your greatness into this world, and sitting on that

ever-so-cute B of yours is not going to get it done, GORGEOUS!!!!

I’m a Southern belle, raised all over the South, where we say “Bless Her Heart”, which sometimes means something good and sometimes it doesn’t!  (But *** I *** always say it with the best of intentions!)

When I started my job in the engineering industry 27+ years ago, my job lit me up!  The challenge of it…  The sense of accomplishment I had when I completed a high-pressure project with a crushing deadline!

And I climbed that success ladder like a BIG BAD BOSS BABE and became an engineering executive making six figures!  And then…  And then… what?  I had this huge, empty aching hole in my chest that absolutely kept me up at night.  I was depressed, eating too many sugary, “taste SO GOOD” but “keeping me out of my skinny jeans” carbs & spending hours on binge watching TV, depressed, BECAUSE I KNEW I WAS MEANT FOR MORE!!! 

It’s not impossible to take your life to the NEXT LEVEL!  It does require your focus and your commitment to do the work for WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU!  And You are a Bad A$$ Busy Babe who is NOT AFRAID to do the work!

Imagine for a second how amazing it would be to ACTUALLY BE LIVING THAT LIFE that you dream about when you are laying in the sun on the beach!

That’s where I come in! 

I help Busy Working Babes in Overwhelm who are Ready to Make ISH Happen & See Their Dreams Come To Life!  If you are tired of striving and feeling overworked, exhausted and still being no closer to reaching your goals…  If you have you been dreaming of making a change…

If you need some HIGH-ENERGY, TOUGH but POSITIVE & LOVABLE ACCOUNTABIILTY to help you change your focus and bring those dreams into your HERE & NOW instead of “someday”, I’m here to offer strategies and tools to help you boldly follow your passions and TAKE ACTION!!

No more sitting around dreaming of SOMEDAY! I’m here to fire you up and encourage you!

If you are committed to doing the work to make your FANTASY DREAM LIFE come true, I would LOVE to help you MAKE IT HAPPEN STARTING NOW!!!

Mary Ottman is a Motivational Speaker, Leadership Igniter, and Lifestyle Designer. With an MBA and a Master’s Degree in Leadership & Management combined with rising through the ranks of a male-dominated engineering organization, Mary has forged a successful 27+ year career transforming herself from electrical engineer to successful executive.

A true believer in living life to the fullest, Mary spent several years as a country singer/songwriter performing at venues like the famous Bluebird Café.  She has hiked rocky trails in Africa and jumped off the top of a 108-story building!  Mary is a true master at the art of leadership & lifestyle design, and she is on a mission to help heart-centered, busy working women passionate about reaching their highest potential by inspiring them to lead their life and love the journey!