Every day you are battered with your To-Do List. 

Everybody wants a piece of you.  Your sweet little munchkins that you love with your whole heart, but who have a better social life than you do!  Your significant other who is so wonderful and capable but can’t find his socks unless you are there to guide him to the right spot in the drawer!  Your boss who calls and emails you at home after hours asking you to handle yet another crisis. 

And with all that going on, who has time to do any deep thinking about what you want out of life and what you need to do every day to get there?  But YOU WANT MORE, and A HECK OF LOT MORE OF IT! This is your chance to have someone on your side, helping you cut through the PILES of busy-ness that you juggle every day.  Someone who gets you FOCUSED and taking the steps needed to MOVE YOU CLOSER TO YOUR DREAM LIFE!

I’m Mary and I help busy working women with strategies and tools to CUT THROUGH THE OVERWHELM and get MORE ISH DONE!  The DELICIOUS stuff that makes you want to stay up late creating your luxurious, BAD A$$ BOSS BABE life! 

Because the sooner you get started, the sooner you can

So strike the word, “TOMORROW” and “SOMEDAY” from your vocabulary, BUSY BABE! We ‘bout to get this ISH done!!  Check out the ways you can work with me below.  I Can’t Wait To See You Fly, Baby, Fly!!

Hey, Babes! Being a Southern girl, I was raised not to toot my own horn.  So how about I stop talking and let you guys hear what other Busy Babes think about me!

Mary Ottman is truly inspiring in this must-see presentation!  Mary digs deep into her personal life experiences in order to show us that with the right attitude and tools we can overcome any difficulty.  Mary is passionate about helping others become happier, healthier, more productive versions of themselves.  Mary’s presentation is supercharged with energy and positivity and she truly has a gift for finding humor in life’s most difficult situations.  Hats off to Mary for opening my eyes and allowing me to see that I too can persevere through life’s most difficult challenges by being kind to myself!   Each day I focus on getting plenty of rest, eating healthier, and working smarter, not harder, so that my 70-80 hour work weeks are now a thing of the past!  Thank you Mary, for giving me back my life and helping me work each day to become a healthier, happier, more productive person!!

Marcy Damon

Taking care of ourselves and living our best life is what Mary is here to teach you. With her charisma and charm and infectious ‘get it done’ attitude you will be on your way to rocking your body and goals.

Laurie Foster

Hilarious, relatable, and poignant, Mary’s story and insight are powerful on stage. She is a must have speaker for your event.

Rocky Callen

Great story and passion in her message and such great stage personality. So much fun to hear yet so inspired.

Heidi Brandt

Wonderful speaker with an inspiring message. I highly recommend her for corporate and business teams.

Reen Rose

Passionate, funny and relatable, Mary shares a powerful message for so many of us who are suffering from burnout and exhaustion and don’t know how to get out of the endless cycle of doing just for the sake of doing.

Tracy Otsuka

Mary’s drive is really captivating on stage. If she can give you even half of her energy she can help anyone get moving. Truly inspiring.

Vannessa Fowler

Mary has an energy that is contagious. Her Southern humor is infectious. As a leader she knows how to prioritize so that one can succeed.

Suzanne Hanna

A wake up call for everyone to check in with their lives. Thanks for a powerful, moving and personal speech, your story is one of inspiration and insight.

Julie Fairhurst

I really enjoyed Mary’s talk on the importance of prioritizing health as leaders.

Alison Pena

Mary speaks from the heart with humor, grace and inspiration. Her story brings us home and shows we can all become leaders in our own lives.

Linda Poteet

A perfect presentation for corporate! Offering guidance and motivation to effectively manage and lead. To ‘kill it without killing yourselves!’

GeoLyn Mantei

I so loved Mary – and her southern accent! She brought FUN to a very critical message. I’m so ready to make the rest of my life, the BEST of my life.

Amanda Goldman-Petri

Thank you Mary for inspiring me to make the rest of my life … the best of my life. Mary has great stories, humor, and animation to really deliver her message in an engaging manner.

Carla Dahleen